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What Type of companies do you work with and why

The two types of companies I work with are:

1. Manufacturers
2. Software Startups

Why: Business is an outlet to serve others and it allows me to create and implement new ideas. I apply the best of what Software Startups do for growth to Manufacturers. Think of Manufacturing Customers Inc as a lever for your business growth, pull down one side, customers show up on the other

I start with where you and your business are and take your business to the next level in the direction of where you see it going. (We point the ship in the right direction and push it forward, giving it momentum)

If you are not a Manufacturer or technology/software company contact me anyways, there still may be an opportunity to work together or I will point you in the right direction.

What other companies have you worked with and what were the results?

Ancarr.ca: Marketing, They wanted to sell more of their existing product line. within a month we developed a minimal website and an online marketing campaign which brought in 3 customers within the first month (2 – $5,000 orders 1- $10,000 order) for a total of $20,000 in new sales. (Active Client)

Qimple.comSales, A software startup that went through the famous 500 startups Accelerator and needed to start selling their product which was in development. They hired Manufacturing Customers to grow their sales. We went from $0 in revenue  to $15,000 a month in revenue within the first 3 months.

Wirl.ca: Market Discover and Sales,  A SaaS startup that was looking to better understand their market place and make some sales. We started with a cold-calling sales approach to get that high touch understanding and feedback of the market. Got in touch with their #1 prospect on the dream list (Zappos) We discovered and started to understand the market better after a month. We discovered that inbound marketing was the most efficient use of capital to acquire and find qualified leads. Created online marketing campaign.

Londontarp.caSales and Marketing: A manufacturing company that wanted to focus in on one specific product and find more customers. Started with speaking with current customers then created presentation for prospects. Sourced contacts from a few of the largest companies in North America and found out who would be the buyers and brought them in as clients. Client wanted to sell specific seasonal product and test the market to see if there was more demand from other retailers. (Active Client)

Blackoutblinds.caR&D and Digital Marketing: Created a new product from scratch, sourced suppliers and manufacturers. Created a marketing campaign, built website, created customers and got them to buy again. I personally built and sold this business within 16 months. See this viral video of myself marketing for the business: Youtube

Logoworks.on.ca: Business Development, Marketing Campaign + Website:(Active Client)

Artisanmetalfinishing.com – Marketing Campaign: Acquire Customers across North America (Active Client)

FuzzFrame.com – Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Business Development: New Mobile Application Launching January 2016 (In-house project)

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