April 10, 2016

How to Manufacture Customers and Win a 3 Decade Long Contract

 “If you’re not growing, you’re shrinking; nothing is static in the world.”

A major new product line just launched and a manufacturer won the contract which will last for over 3 decades. Did you hear about it, or get in on it? If you didn’t, you missed a huge opportunity for revenue growth. Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. It’s unlikely it was relevant to your manufacturing services anyway. All I can say is that digital marketing works because this opportunity came through an online search when a large company needed to source a manufacturer.

I see exceptional opportunities generated once in a while. This was a rarity (3 decades!), but I see large deals come through all the time for the manufacturers we market online.

Another manufacturer with whom we work launched an online marketing campaign and had a random phone call asking if this was their competitor. The manufacturer was confused. The customer then looked back at his computer screen and realized he had dialed my client’s phone number which was hovering right above the competitor’s name. He laughed, had a chat, and my client won the business. This is definitely not something we can duplicate exactly, but this example shows that being relevant online, where people intend to buy now, is where you want to be.

Peter Drucker, the famous management consultant, said that the purpose of a business is to create a customer by serving others. The two main functions of a business are marketing and innovation.

The internet is a great channel for marketing.  Search engines are a gateway to revenue because people have intentions when they search online, and those intentions are:

  1. to learn more by researching information which will lead to revenue
  2. to be entertained (If done right, this can lead to PR and other opportunities)
  3. to buy a service or product

The first example of the manufacturer that won a 3-decade long contract was first researched online by the customer, who then contacted the manufacturer at a later date.

The second example above was a customer who was looking for a certain manufactured product and wanted to buy now.  He didn’t have the time to hang up the phone and call the other manufacturer.

Our world is in transition from the Industrial age to the Information age. People have less time and want results faster. The quicker you can build trust and credibility, and show your business online, the faster your business will grow.

Manufacturing Customers Inc. has worked in both worlds. We will help you make the leap to grow your business and to take advantage of the Information age.

Manufacturers prefer to work with a company that understands manufacturing and marketing. This is why Manufacturing Customers Inc. is in business.

Here are a few helpful tips before launching an online marketing campaign:

  1. Search Engines: Google is #1, but you already knew that. Youtube is the #2 search engine. Did you know that? Video is important and we will explain why. Contact us.
  2. Social Media: Yes, it’s extremely important for manufacturers to truly understand what this means for your future. However, you don’t need to jump on every social media platform tomorrow. First, start with search engines and build toward social media. If you want to know why, and how, contact us.
  3. Outsource: We know you don’t have time to undertake an online marketing campaign by yourself, nor do most manufacturers, because you are busy running your manufacturing plant. This is why you outsource to a firm that understands manufacturing, and not just online marketing. Manufacturing is an entirely different business than selling clothes online. A lot of firms recommend SEO (search engine optimization) like we do, but their advice means nothing if they don’t understand your customer and your business.

The next article will talk about growth. Not all manufacturers want to grow. However, we will discuss how to keep your manufacturing business from shrinking when the next recession hits. My prediction is 2018-2020.

If you are interested in learning more about online marketing for your business, contact: David@manufacturingcustomers.com. We can setup a time to meet, or you can request a free marketing report that I will personally send to you. The report will show you how many people have searched for your products or services online in the last 12 months.





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