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We work with Manufacturers and Technology companies to acquire more customers in your market place. We do this through our sales and marketing.

We find ways to grow your business by bringing in new customers and exploring new markets online or offline. Contact us to see how.

Meet David Uram:
Stop competing
and start creating.

David’s worked with technology and software companies since 2009 helping them acquire customers and find new markets. Contact David to acquire customers and increase revenue for your business.

What makes Manufacturing Customers different? Websites and online traffic are a great way to acquire customers but they’re not the only way. David’s experience goes well beyond “just building websites”; everything from sales strategy and marketing research to discovering new markets for your products and services.


“Manufacturing Customers delivered exactly what they promised and more”

- Cam Schiedel, Logoworks

“We received a $10,000 order in the first month of launching our campaign. It made me realize all the business that we were missing online”

- Kate Dorr, Ancarr

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